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Personal stories

Hello everyone,

We all know that it is not easy to live with depression, OCD and many other mental disorders. I am going to write a 2000 word essay highlighting the problems we people face and what could be the solution to living a normal life.

If any of you want to share their personal stories, I would appreciate it because it would not only help you but also others who are reading your stories and getting hope and inspiration.  Please, I encourage you to come forward with your issues so we can create awareness and help other in any way we can.



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Living with depression entry #2

I have not written on this blog for a little while. Well, I was much happier, anxious but happy for the past few days. I felt depressed at times but that stage passed too quickly. This is not an  of excuse for not writing. I am still creating a habit of writing daily.

Coming to the main point, depression is an fear, fear of something unknown. It can grab you in the midst of a happy moment. When I am happy, I suddenly feel something tightening inside me, like a loose knot tightening itself. I know I panic A LOT but this is not panic. Why would I panic when I am happy? It is so absurd. It is, but at the same time it is frightening too. The very thought of depression makes me scared.


       I can control it. I know when it starts gripping me and I can stop it from making me feel crappy but certainly there are days when I am helpless. It is not easy. None of it is easy. It is a killer. You can slow the process but ultimately  it can kill you…. And I am still waiting for the knot to loosen….Waiting….

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Living with OCD: entry #4

For the past few days I am so happy that I even forget about my OCD. When I am happy OCD doesn’t control me. That is crazy isn’t it? Maybe OCD and depression have some kind of link. Scientists should try to find it. If they find that happiness is the key in overcoming OCD, then that would be a major development in the field of mental health.


     I am a cricket lover so I tend to be a little superstitious. No surprises there  because all sports lover are superstitious. Most of the time while watching matches my superstitions change into obsessions which I have to do (compulsions). If I refuse to do it (OCD things) then my mind would be totally plagued with the fear of losing the match.

So there is also a link between superstitions and obsessions. From these two small discoveries I infer that OCD is a dynamic disease. Environmental factors affect it in many ways.

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OCD Awareness Week 2014 – Update

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Mind Fever

diary of an ocd


I asked myself today which word I would use to describe OCD. For me, I think the word “fire” sums it up pretty nicely.

 Why fire? I don’t actually know.

 Perhaps it’s because fire is red and red is danger and red is blood and blood is HIV?

 Or, perhaps because water destroys fire and I seem to spend much of my life seeking water to douse myself in? I generally associate water with an impending calm that will happen for a few moments once I’ve scrubbed my skin clean. Maybe that is why I find the ocean to be so peaceful. There is something about being able to float on water, being able to say, ‘Here you go, sea, take me! Hold me for a while as I snooze under sunshine! Relax my body and cool down my brain a little minute, I want to float away from the…

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Gone Girl Reflections

Grief Happens

****SPOILER ALERT**** I will be discussing the just released movie Gone Girl, based on the bestseller with the same name by Gillian Flynn. I’m not planning to drop any major plot giveaways, but what I write will give you some ideas about the movie, so if you prefer to go into a film with a blank slate, don’t read this. Consider yourself warned.

I read this 400 page book over a weekend about a year ago — could not put it down. I saw the movie this past Saturday featuring Ben Affleck and relative new-name Rosamund Pike as main characters Nick and Amy Dunne. Other big names featured include Tyler Perry, Neil Patrick Harris and Sela Ward.

After reading the book, I was not expecting to love the movie as much as I did — they’re never as enjoyable for me. This movie was everything and more that I could…

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Learning to be Human – my journey through Perinatal OCD

We're on the Same Mountain

IMGP1665It’s Mental Health week. As a psychologist, I am honoured to hear the most sacred of stories – but the only one I have permission to share here is mine. So to raise awareness, here it is.

I remember the moment I learned I had a Mental Illness. Sitting midway back in an auditorium full of colleauges, arms resting on my pregnant belly, there was a moment when the floor fell away. A moment when my ears buzzed, my peripheral vision became black, and there was nothing in the room except me and the man up the front. At the podium stood a renowned psychiatrist, and my heart pounded, as the story he was telling was my story. The anecdotes he was sharing were my lived experiences. I had never met him; I had never voiced those words to anyone, barely even to myself – and there he was, speaking…

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To spread the light

I will live my life like I want

No hurdles, no more cries

I shall break all the chains that bind me

I will break all the ties that killed me

And yes  I will fly

Like a free soul roaming around


I will win,

No matter how hard it seems

I swear

I will transform my dreams into reality

I will be the first one to ignite the flame

And the last to spread the light.

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