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Living with depression entry #3


  Whenever something bad or tragic happens in my life, I get a feeling of numbness upon hearing the news. I don’t feel anything except the sinking feeling in my stomach. The next day, the sinking feeling starts creeping up and finally it grips my heart. This is my depression or I think it is post traumatic stress. It sucks. I can’t write. I feel so dumb.

Then to add to my misery, the panic attack starts. While flipping the news, my heart always skips a beat. So I stopped watching the news together. But there are some news that is hard to miss, like Peshawar massacre.

To be honest it is not easy to live in Pakistan but I can’t leave it. This country is my life.

A little smile never hurts. Despite all the horrors of this life, we have got to move on. Smile can also be a short term solution for depression. So smile and stay tuned!

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