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Hello everyone,

We all know that it is not easy to live with depression, OCD and many other mental disorders. I am going to write a 2000 word essay highlighting the problems we people face and what could be the solution to living a normal life.

If any of you want to share their personal stories, I would appreciate it because it would not only help you but also others who are reading your stories and getting hope and inspiration.  Please, I encourage you to come forward with your issues so we can create awareness and help other in any way we can.



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Rainbows and storms


I want to drown

in the ocean of blood

I am bleeding

The wound on my wrist

is deep

I wanna leave quickly

I have already suffered too much

The pain killed me

but it never defeated me

 And today I say, goodbye pain

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Living with OCD entry #5


Dear OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder),

It was never easy living with you. You entered at every phase and every moment of my life. You are like a companion. But you give a lot of trouble. Sometimes I think that it is my fault that I have let you grow and nourish inside my head. I watered you like you were some kind of plant in my brain. And when I tried to stop it was  too late. You were grown up by then and it was difficult to suppress you. I can control you sometimes but in tough situations I panic and you take control over me. Maybe if I don’t panic , I will have some control but my brain kinda stop working. It becomes almost impossible to stop you then.

I can’t take medicine because of the fear of getting addicted. I will try therapy and see what happens.

P.S. I beg you to leave me alone.



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Living with OCD entry #4

Dear Diary,

I am doing great for the past few days after the happy news of my admission. I topped the merit list. The depression hasn’t stuck me and I am quite relieved. But my OCD is still here. I think it won’t go away until I do the complete therapy.


I can’t wear my “bad luck clothes”. They are the clothes that I was wearing when I heard some bad news. My OCD mind keeps telling me that if I wear them something bad will happen or worse, someone will die. This horrifies me. There is a pink sweater of me that I like very much but can’t wear because of this bad luck thing. Well, I can sacrifice my clothes if it prevents someone from dying. I know that sounds absurd but this is OCD. And this is the reason OCD is in one of the top ten disabling diseases.

That’s it for today, diary. I will see you later.

Yours truly,



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Short term remedies for depression

Depression is a hell for me and everyone suffering from it. The long term solutions are therapy and medicines. I don’t take medicine because of the fear of getting addicted to it. There are some short term remedies that work for me and I hope that they work for you too.
1. Exercise

For a very long time I didn’t believe in exercise. Maybe I never really understood its purpose or the benefits. But once I started it, reluctantly at first, the benefits were immeasurable. I feel calm after exercise. All the bad thoughts in my head usually go after exercise. I see hope in future which is an extremely rare thing in depression.
So folks don’t ignore exercise even if you have got nothing to do with depression.
2. Reading and writing


Reading is my life. It takes me in the beautiful world of imagination. There are no boundaries or limits in it. You are absolutely free. Reading really makes you forget your pain.
Writing is a form of therapy for me. You transfer your bloody pain on the paper and immediately you feel light. If you are angry at someone, write all the insults on a paper and flush it in the toilet. That’s it. By flushing or throwing away the paper, you tell all those bad people that they have no space in your life.
3. The walks at night


I take dinner early like 8 pm or 8:30 because it is quite harmful to eat late at night. Then I go for a walk. It is not easy in winter nights but I try even for 5 minutes.
It is a wonderful experience. It can get creative too. The quietness at night gets my creative juice flowing. I also get the time to reflect on my life and how I can improve my way of living.
This is it. These 3 points help, really help. I want you guys to try them out and give me your feedback in the comments. Happy depression fighting!


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Living with depression entry #3


  Whenever something bad or tragic happens in my life, I get a feeling of numbness upon hearing the news. I don’t feel anything except the sinking feeling in my stomach. The next day, the sinking feeling starts creeping up and finally it grips my heart. This is my depression or I think it is post traumatic stress. It sucks. I can’t write. I feel so dumb.

Then to add to my misery, the panic attack starts. While flipping the news, my heart always skips a beat. So I stopped watching the news together. But there are some news that is hard to miss, like Peshawar massacre.

To be honest it is not easy to live in Pakistan but I can’t leave it. This country is my life.

A little smile never hurts. Despite all the horrors of this life, we have got to move on. Smile can also be a short term solution for depression. So smile and stay tuned!

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Living with depression entry #2

I have not written on this blog for a little while. Well, I was much happier, anxious but happy for the past few days. I felt depressed at times but that stage passed too quickly. This is not an  of excuse for not writing. I am still creating a habit of writing daily.

Coming to the main point, depression is an fear, fear of something unknown. It can grab you in the midst of a happy moment. When I am happy, I suddenly feel something tightening inside me, like a loose knot tightening itself. I know I panic A LOT but this is not panic. Why would I panic when I am happy? It is so absurd. It is, but at the same time it is frightening too. The very thought of depression makes me scared.


       I can control it. I know when it starts gripping me and I can stop it from making me feel crappy but certainly there are days when I am helpless. It is not easy. None of it is easy. It is a killer. You can slow the process but ultimately  it can kill you…. And I am still waiting for the knot to loosen….Waiting….

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Living with OCD: entry #4

For the past few days I am so happy that I even forget about my OCD. When I am happy OCD doesn’t control me. That is crazy isn’t it? Maybe OCD and depression have some kind of link. Scientists should try to find it. If they find that happiness is the key in overcoming OCD, then that would be a major development in the field of mental health.


     I am a cricket lover so I tend to be a little superstitious. No surprises there  because all sports lover are superstitious. Most of the time while watching matches my superstitions change into obsessions which I have to do (compulsions). If I refuse to do it (OCD things) then my mind would be totally plagued with the fear of losing the match.

So there is also a link between superstitions and obsessions. From these two small discoveries I infer that OCD is a dynamic disease. Environmental factors affect it in many ways.

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Living with depression: entry # 1


 Depression is a state where a person feels low and lethargic all the time. I have spend my whole life with depression. I was emotionally abused all the time and I let the depression take over me. I never really understood the meaning of depression until few days ago although I am suffering from it for years.

I depressed state I feel like it is the end of the  world, all hope gone, the silver lining vanishes behind the clouds and noting will ever be the same.  I hate this phase of depression. One minute you are happy and the next second you remember something bad and duh, this is the end.

In depression there are good and bad days. In good days, you feel better because you are seeing a tiny piece of hope . The bad days are simply intolerable. You don’t understand what is really happening with you. You feel angry all the time. For me this state is a killer. It kills me and in return I want to kill people who are responsible for my depression. Sometimes the impulse to kill is so great that I become scared of my on self. I know killing is wrong and I would never do that but my brain doesn’t  understand that.

To be continued.

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Living with OCD: entry #3

This week people all over the world people are celebrating OCD awareness week. It is good for people who suffer from it. At least some one is raising voice for them. People who suffer from OCD face two challenges in their life:
1. The constant battle in their brain
2. Telling people it is a serious disease, it is NOT A JOKE.

I Think people still don’t get it. Maybe it is because it is such a complex disability that even  suffer take years to fully understand it. It is okay if you don’t get it but please stop making fun or jokes about it. “I am so OCD”, is not a beautiful personality trait. I don’t know why people enjoy saying it.
I don’t know how to raise awareness about a diease let alone a disease nobody cares to understand it. I am writing about OCD. I am following hash tag # OCDawarenessweek. This is all I am doing.
I fight OCD everyday and most of the time I am winning. But I know there will be people out there who let OCD decide their lives. They need help therapy and motivation. Someday I hope to help them. It hurts so much to see them in pain and anguish that I even forget my own pain.

All the bloggers out there please help me in doing something about it. #OCDawarenessweek

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